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Crescent Sports Media

Aleem Shabazz and Herman Brame:  Founders

History of Crescent Sports Media
Crescent Sports was founded in 1992 by Herman Brame and Aleem Shabazz to be an organization that addressed issues such as lack of youth engagement and involvement in the Muslim community of Portland, Oregon and has since expanded to include other countries and regions.

With both Brame and Shabazz being former collegiate athletes, they understood the important role that sports played in their development from their childhood years to men making contributions to their community daily.

They both also recalled how playing sports taught them important life lessons, such as discipline, teamwork, respect for authority, and time management, but most importantly they remembered how it gave them confidence the cornerstone of what they wanted to provide to the next generation.

“Sports has a way of benefiting youth beyond exercise and recreation,” according to Brame. “We wanted to use sports as an avenue giving our youth keys that can open many doors to an unlimited amount of opportunities to achieve success.”

Since its inception Crescent Sports has provided a way to success for many current athletes both Muslim and non-Muslim alike.


Crescent Sports, through its various programs and services has provided youths and young adults a way to develop and showcase their talent globally.

Its local youth basketball program was a catalyst for the basketball careers of Damon and Salim Stoudamire both would go on to start at the University of Arizona and continue to play in the NBA. Fast forward to today, Damon is the assistant coach of the NBA Championship Boston Celtics in the USA.

Crescent Sports began to take shape as an organization that not only provided an opportunity for young people to be successful in sport, but also serve as way that you can still achieve success

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